Course introduction

Treating Fibromyalgia with Chinese Medicine

with Dr. Greg Sperber

Fibromyalgia is a complicated and debilitating condition. Western medicine does not have great treatment strategies. However, research shows that acupuncture can be helpful. Add herbs into the treatment strategy, and many patients are able to minimize their symptoms. It is still a difficult condition that changes with age and environmental factors, but Chinese medicine is probably the best approach to dealing with its vagaries. This course will look at fibromyalgia from both biomedical and Chinese points of view, and discuss Chinese medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Participants will finish this course with a real-world approach to treating this condition.

Course Goals
A participant in this course will be able to: 1. Understand fibromyalgia from a biomedical perspective 2. Apply Chinese and biomedical diagnostics to fibromyalgia patients 3. Develop appropriate and effective treatment strategies

Video-Class with Online Examination

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  • Two CEU credits (EMR, TCM-Fachverband and ASA)

  • Course fee: € 40.-

  • watch and rewind video as often as you like

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Multiple-Choice Exam at the end of the course

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Course Overview

  • 1

    Treating Fibromyalgia with Chinese Medicine

    • Treating Fibromyalgia - PDF

    • Introduction and Outline

    • What is Fibromyalgia

    • Who gets Fibromyalgia

    • Current Diagnostic Criterium

    • Diagnostic Approach

    • Biomedical Treatment

    • Chinese Medical Approach

    • Chinese Medical Research

    • Differential Diagnosis

    • Thank You and Goodbye

    • Quiz

About the lecturer


Greg Sperber

Dr. Greg Sperber is currently a practitioner of Chinese medicine and host of Sperb’s Herbs Podcasts. Previously, he has been Vice Provost at Bastyr University California, Dean of the College of Eastern Medicine at Southern California University of Health Sciences, clinical chair and director of clinical services at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego (PCOM), and a clinical supervisor and professor at several colleges and universities. He is co-author of Integrative Pharmacology, Combining Modern Pharmacology with Integrative Medicine and Playing the Game, A Step-by-Step Approach to Accepting Insurance as an Acupuncturist. Dr. Sperber received a masters and doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine from PCOM, San Diego, a medical degree from Flinders University of South Australia, and a master of business administration from National University. He has been a past president of the California State Oriental Medical Association and has spoken at many conferences about Chinese medicine, business, drug-herb interactions, pharmacology, and ethics and professionalism.